Customise your nose stud for a comfortable fit

It can be an exciting time when you make the decision to get a piercing. You will want to treat yourself to a wide range of stylish studs and rings to show off your new accessory to all of your friends. Unfortunately, the majority of piercing specialists offer a limited supply of studs and rings.  Purchasing piercing jewellery on the high street and online is often difficult, as its hard to know how the stud or ring is going to look or feel without trying it on. Customised nose studs are an ideal option, as they enable you to specify your exact needs and requirements.

Before you get your piercing its important to ensure the stud or ring you choose is made from gold or surgical steel. Redness, swelling and even a little bleeding is perfectly normal during the first few days after a nose piercing. However, if these symptoms continue it is quite possible that you have an infection.

Many infections are caused by people wearing nose studs that are too short and fit too tightly around the nose.  In extreme cases of swelling, the infection can be extremely hard to treat as the stud is forced deeper into the nose, cutting off air to the healing area.  If at any point you think you may have an infection from a nose stud, you should immediately go straight your GP. Although, it might be tempting to take the stud out, this can cause extreme pain and your piercing will heal very quickly, making it almost impossible to ever wear nose jewellery again.

Wearing studs that are too tight can also cause bumps and scaring. These often appear alongside the piercing during the first initial jewellery change. Applying anti-bacterial ointment once or twice a day should remove any bumps and help to heal sore areas.   Its advisable to opt for a hoop or ring styled stud for the initial piercing, as these are slightly larger, meaning you are less likely to experience any problems with the tightness of the stud. After the six week healing period, you can then begin to start wearing stylish studs with diamonds and gemstones.

Many piercing suppliers are now offering customised studs, which are handmade to your exact requirements. These are ideal to avoid any problems with fitting and for those who are new to nose piercings, many specialists also offer guides to help you find the perfect stud. Whether youre after a sparkly pink princess cut stud or an easy fit nose ring, handmade customised piercing jewellery is the perfect option.

Body Matters Gold supply handmade, customised piercing accessories and jewellery. They also have a top quality piercing studio located in West Sussex. Visit their website today for more information and to purchase your customised jewellery.


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